EPOSHC – Bookings & Signing In/Out Process

How do I make/cancel a booking?
Permanent bookings should be done at the time of enrolment. Any changes to permanent bookings must be done in writing with at least seven days’ notice. If you would like to request a change to your child/ren’s permanent bookings, please email EPOSHC@gmail.com. Please note booking requests can only be made this way, the Xplor Home app is only able to be utilised for marking absent days and booking casual days. Your request will be noted in sequential order and be dated the day your requested was received.
Casual bookings will only be available to families if EPOSHC has an approved place available. All casual bookings must be made via the Xplor Home app. During Term time, it is preferred that all casual bookings be made by 6pm the previous night.

To terminate a permanent booking at the Service, the family is required to give 7 days’ notice in writing, via email. All outstanding fees must be paid before the child’s final day of attendance at the Service. If the account is not finalised and paid in full, it will be handed over to a debt collection agency to pursue. All costs associated with the debt recovery will be incurred and paid for by the account holder. Due to Centrelinks cessation of care it is best your child attends on their last day. Further information is available here https://www.dese.gov.au/child-care-subsidy/absences-child-care#toc-absences-before-and-after-attendance

How do I notify you that my child will not be attending a session?
All absences should be recorded on the Xplor home app.

  1. Click on bookings at the bottom of the screen
  2. Select the date you with to mark the children absent
  3. Click the (+) New button on the top right
  4. Select absence
  5. Select the start and end date when the absence will apply
  6. Please add to the comment section if it is BSC/ASC or both
  7. Click request to send the absentee

    We should be notified of all absences via the Xplor home app, this ensures we account for every child and ensure they are safe.

How do I sign my child in/out of the service?
Children should be signed in/out either via the Ipad or by scanning the QR code with your phone whilst in the Xplor app. Only the two parent/carers have access to this initially. You can add further authorised people (hub guests) – see below.

BSC – Children must be signed in by their parent/guardian/Hub Guest (over 18 years of age) for Before School Care before 8:20am. After this time, the children attending PESS OHSC will be in the process of getting ready to go to school and will be signed out at 8:30am (Year 1 – 6).
ASC – Children will be signed in from 3pm by EPSS OHSC staff only. Under no circumstances are parents to sign children in to After School Care. Children will be unable to be signed out before 3:20pm. If you are picking your child up early (before 3:20pm), you will need to mark your child absent from EPOSHC before 3pm.

How do I add further authorised people to pickup/drop off my children?
You will need to add these people via the Xplor home app

  1. In the app click Account on the bottom right
  2. Select Hub guests
  3. Click the + icon on the top right and click next
  4. Enter the persons email and name and select Send Invite
  5. The Hub Guest will be sent an email (check junk/spam) and will have 24 hours to set up their password

    Please note hub guests do not have access to the Xplor home app – they are required to sign your child/ren our via the ipad.

How do I cancel a Hub Guest or Emergency Contact from my account?
We require you to confirm in writing that the person is no longer authorised to collect your child/ren from the service. Please email eposhc@gmail.com and we will remove the contact on your behalf.

Why do I need to authorise someone to else to pickup/drop off my child/ren?
Under National Law and Regulations (Regulation 99) we are required to have written confirmation from the parent/carer that another person can collect their child/ren.
The hub role is a legal document, children under the age of 18 must not use the ipad, you should also never give your phone number PIN/email and password to any other person – as these are a way to identify you under family assistance law.