EPOSHC – Enrolment, Fees and Charges

How do I enrol at EPOSHC?
To enrol at EPOSHC you simply complete the enrolment form here. You will be contacted by one of our team to advise you on the process. You will also need to ensure you download the Xplor home app – this is used for signing in/out, making bookings and changing account information.

How much does care cost?
Before school care – Permanent booking $17.00 Casual booking $20.00
After school care – Permanent booking $22.00 Casual booking $25.00
Vacation Care – Standard fee $51.00 plus incursion/excursion fee

Can I claim Child Care Subsidy (CCS) against my fees at EPOSHC?
Yes. The Government via centrelink provides assistance for children in care. The assistance is based upon an income assesment and activity test. For further information go to https://www.servicesaustralia.gov.au/individuals/services/centrelink/child-care-subsidy
Please note the person identified as the Primary Carer to Centrelink also has to be identified on the enrolment form as Parent/Carer No 1 for the benefit to apply to our system.

What are the costs for absences?
For permanent bookings that are communicated more than 48 business hours before the session will not occur any fees.
Casual Before and After School Care bookings can be cancelled via email if more than 24 business hours are given. Vacation Care and Pupil Fee Day bookings can be cancelled via email if more than 7 days’ notice is given. If the required notice period is given no fees will be charged.

Do you have any additional fees and charges?
Yes, we have the following charges-
Late fee – Parents/Carers who collect their child/ren after 6pm will incur a late fee of $15.00 per 15 minutes. Our software charges a late fee from 6:00pm automatically. This can be reviewed on your weekly statement.  (This is to compensate employees for overtime rates as required by relevant industrial relations) This fee is not subsidised.