Frequently asked Questions

What about Booklists or the Student Resource scheme?
EPSS offers a Student resource scheme to every grade. (Prep is compulsory) You will receive a letter detailing this near the end of the current year. Paying for the student resource scheme is not compulsory but it is sure easier then labelling everything! If you decide not to join a booklist can be found on the school website.
Do I need to purchase the school library bag?
No you do not need to purchase the school bag. The library just ask that you have a waterproof bag to be eligible to borrow.
When will my child swim?
Swimming is compulsory in terms one and four, apart from Preppies who will only swim in Term Four.
My child has come home with out their lunch box/hat/jacket etc, where can I find it?
All lost property is taken to the shed and stored in tubs, ready for collection!
How to I find out all of the up to date information
The P&C run a facebook page where all information is posted Everton Park State School Parents & Citizens Association