The EPSS Uniform Shop is located next to the tuckshop and is open between 8:15am and 9:30am every Friday morning during term time and set days prior to the school year starting – these are advertised on facebook.

Alternatively orders can be placed on flexischools and will be delivered to your child’s classroom for them to bring home.

The Uniform Shop stocks a full range of uniform items for all students from Prep to Year 6 at affordable prices.  They also stock our own school bag and library, homework, swim and chair bags too. We are also continually reviewing what we can offer to you for purchase.

All profits from the Uniform shop are managed by the P&C and go directly to support programs prioritised by the parent/carer community.

For families experiencing economic hardship, please contact the school office to make special arrangements.

Uniform List
Sold in Uniform Shop
Polo Shirt with school crest – C
Bottle Green Combo Skirt/Shorts or Polo Dress – C
Bottle Green Hat – adjustable – C
Zip Jackets (Winter)
Track pants (Winter)
Vest (Winter)
Sports House Shirt – (Can be worn on a Friday as well
as school based sporting events)
*Hinton – Gold House
*Walker – Green House
*Houston – Red House
Not sold in uniform shop
Black shoes
White anklet socks – C
Black/green joggers

C– Compulsory

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Contact Uniform Shop

Any queries, please contact the Uniform Shop convener, Jules Aldridge.

Volunteer in Uniform Shop

Would you like to give back to the school and P&C in a volunteer capacity? We LOVE volunteers in our Uniform shop. Click the link for more information and to sign-up now!

The Reason for wearing a school uniform
* Fostering of School identity
* Community values and expectations
* The importance of dress in developing self esteem
* Sun safety
* The ease of identifying enrolled students as a matter of safety and security